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March 06 2016


Kids Toys Review: LEGO Games Lava Dragon

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LEGO provides 10 new fun and interesting games for that 2010 christmas season. Should your children love games that challenge these to build creatively, then these kids toys merit serious consideration. You are able to take part in the fun too, helping these phones build a complete gaming ethos -- including dice, game board and even a few unique characters. We're sure the whole family have a wonderful time playing this game, which requires a lot of building and reconstruction. Here's the lowdown about one game we're particularly partial to: Lava Dragon.

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Overall Rating:

4.5 from 5.0 stars

Key Features:

It is a race-type game where players try to be the very first knight to climb a volcano and summon a dragon. It isn't so simple, though. The players must prevent the lavaas they climb, whilstalso looking to hamper their opponents' progress. The clever and innovative Lego die makes sure that no two games is ever going to be the same, hence the children will go back to this engaging game again and again. Lava Dragon is designed for Three to five players, as well as a game takes just 15 to 25 minutes, so they'll never get bored with drawn-out play. Lava Dragon is designed for children aged Six to eight.


About $9.99

Product Description:

The main LEGO Games product line, Lava Dragon comes with 1 buildable Lego die, 1 rule booklet, 1 building instruction booklet and 4 LEGO microfigures. The principles can alter throughout the game, an unexpected twist that keeps players interested and engaged. The LEGO die introduces a random element that shapes game as play continues on. Essentially this can be a strategy game based on throwing dice. Players face yet another challenge that requires them to build the sport board from LEGO components before play begins. Each player throws the die to find out whether his knight can move or even a special action is necessary. Such actions include moving lava tiles or climbing ropes along the side of the volcano. Strategy will come in when players utilize these special actions to close the progress of other players. When the winning player reaches the top of the volcano, they stands their knight for the lava dragon and takes flight victoriously.

More Product Information:

Before commencing the very first game, players must build the volcano from your LEGO pieces supplied with it. When the volcano is completed, play begins. The instructions and rules are very simple. Basically, each player adds colored tiles aside with the LEGO die as play progresses. This portion of randomness helps to ensure that no two games opportunity function as the same. In keeping with the LEGO gaming philosophy, the overall game was created to allow players to generate new rules, they will then can upload to the LEGO games site for all players to share.

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